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Scott Delaroy, Apprenticeship Director

Let’s face it most people never give a second thought to a traffic signal, except when they’re sitting at a red light not going anywhere. Then their thought turns to one of frustration.


Whether we like it or not, traffic signals are a necessary part of our everyday life. Transportation would come to a grinding halt if we didn’t have them and public safety would be severely compromised to say the least.


Our transportation needs continue to grow at an alarming rate. Specifically to Colorado:

  • We have the best economy in the U.S.

  • We have the lowest unemployment 2.3%

  • We’re #2 for job growth



  • We rank #18 for transportation

  • We rank #29 for road quality

  • We rank #33 for commute time

We’ve got a lot of work to do…

Traffic Signal Apprenceship

  • 4 year apprenticeship program under the guide lines of the Department of Labor of Apprenticeship Training

    • 152 hours per year of related classroom instruction - PAID

    • 8000 hours of On-the-Job-Learning

    • Reimbursable Tuition Costs

  • Turn out of the program as a “Journeyman Traffic Signal Technician” at over $30.00 an hour

    • Learn a skill set that can be used anywhere in the country

  • Our technicians are nationally certified by

  • IMSA – International Municipal Signal Association


What are you going to learn?
  • Safety

  • Electrical Theory

  • Traffic Signal Phasing & Operation

  • Traffic Signal Controller Cabinets

  • Traffic Signal Troubleshooting

  • Underground Signal Construction

  • Overhead Signal Construction

  • Equipment Operation

  • Blueprint Reading

  • OSHA Training

  • First Aid / CPR/ AED training

  • Traffic Control

  • And many other things

  • H.S diploma or GED equivalent

  • A workable knowledge of algebra

  • An insurable driving record

  • Pass & maintain a clean drug screen

  • An excited passion for learning


WL Contractors is a family oriented company in which ownership continues to invest in and fully supports. The company was started in 1985 by Larry & Toni Winkler out of their house in north Denver. The company started out with 10 employees, a dozen or so pieces of equipment and did nearly $400,000 worth of work the first year.


The company has grown steadily ever since and today we now employ over 130 people, have over 200 pieces of equipment and control better than 30 million dollars’ worth of work

The company sits on a 7-acre site in Arvada, Colorado and is supported by a full service equipment department, warehouse, a safety department, estimating, comprehensive administration, project management and apprenticeship training.

As long as we continue to drive our cars, there will always be a need for traffic signals.

What do we do?
  • New Traffic Signal Construction

  • Modification of Existing Traffic Signals

  • Traffic Signal Maintenance

  • Signal Timing & Coordination

  • Highway & Street Lighting

  • Static & Variable Message Signs

  • ITS – Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • System Communications