Traffic Signal & ITS Construction

WL Contractors, Inc. professional workforce handles routine and emergency construction services throughout Colorado and Wyoming.  With a fleet of over 270 pieces of equipment, our personnel are prepared to mobilize 24 hours a day if need be with the knowledge base and skill set necessary to handle your construction needs.  All of our Journeyman Traffic Signal Technicians hold multiple IMSA certifications.  You can count on us to get the job done right, safely, and in a timely manner.

Our company provides the following services:

Comprehensive Project Management

From the simplest of projects to the most complex; we will consult, plan, design, estimate, build and test your project to your complete satisfaction.  Between our estimators direct costing a project to our project managers knowing how to get it done; your project will be completed on time and within budget.  Many of our professionals have direct work related experience in the field, so they understand the high standards you have come to expect in the completion of your project.  Let us help make your project a success.

Traffic Signal & ITS Construction & Management

Today's transportation systems are complex and constantly changing and our Company’s experience with these projects is second to none.  Our highly trained staff has the ability to carry you through the entire construction process as well as offering a full range of services once the project is complete.  From traffic signal systems and CCTV cameras used in the monitoring of everyday traffic to the installation and setup of VMS/DMS (variable Message Signs/Dynamic Message Signs), weather monitoring stations, volume and occupancy count stations, WIM (weigh in motion stations), ATR (Automatic Traffic Recorders), and network communications systems, W.L. Contractors has the experience and personnel to guarantee that your installation is completed and operational the first time.

Installation & Maintenance of Roadway Signs and Devices

Our Company provides installation and maintenance of traditional and non-traditional roadway devices to include VMS/DMS signs & structures, standard regulatory signs, weather monitoring stations, roadway lighting, streetscape lighting and everything in between.  As the future of “connected vehicle” technology develops, WL Contractors Inc. will be there leading the way for the next generation of transportation needs.  If you need it, we can provide it, install it, and maintain it.  Thanks to the skills and knowledge our Journeymen Traffic Technicians and Electricians have, you’ll be able to count on a successful installation and service afterwards. 

Installation and Maintenance of Network Communications

As communications improve throughout the industry, W.L. Contractors is diligently working to determine how the new technology can be used to improve your systems and grant you a longer reach to those areas previously considered out of bounds. Whether your communications system is comprised of fiber optics, wireless technologies, hard wire copper, or a combination of various communication protocols, W.L. Contractors has the experience and know-how to install, maintain, and improve your communications system.

Design/Build Projects for the Transportation Sector

Does this sound familiar; your agency has some staff on hand but you may need some additional resources along the way. Whether additional resources are required on the design side or the construction side, we have what you need.  We have experienced Project Managers and comprehensive administration on staff who can acquire all the permits, approvals, submittals, research, and studies providing a clear path for your project to move forward. 


Traffic Signal & ITS Maintenance

W.L. Contractors, Inc. has been providing scheduled and emergency maintenance services for the transportation industry since 1985.  Our Journeymen Traffic Signal Technicians obtain the highest level of education through our four-year apprenticeship program and are certified through the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA).  All of our journeyman signal technicians hold both an IMSA level II Construction and level II Field certifications, with many expanding their certifications to other areas of level II study and in some cases advancing to level III certifications.  There is no emergency that our technicians cannot handle.

Our company provides every customer with the following services:

24 hours, 7 days a Week Emergency Response Service
Daily / Weekly system checks

Considering how many traffic signals an agency owns along with the rapid advancement of technology, it may be difficult to keep up with your system database or knowing which master or local controllers need to be updated.   We have the ability to monitor your signal system and forward reports to you on a daily/weekly basis alerting you to signal controllers in need of timing changes and any system communications failures, all through our own Traffic Operations Center (T.O.C.).  Our technicians are dispatched to make repairs long before these failures become an issue.  It is through system monitoring that we are able to insure that your signal systems operate at peak efficiency.

Real Time Reporting of Maintenance Work

We can help you keep track of the work completed by our technicians in your area.  Our technicians are equipped with the most current software and are able to complete paperwork in real time, in which our customers are able to access through our website.  Customers can now track queued requests, when work began on the request, when the work was completed, as well as the details regarding the trouble call.  This process assists the customer in maintain full control within their area and is provided to our customers at no charge.

Quarterly / Annual Inspections

Quarterly signal inspections look at the overall operational condition of the traffic signal, such as signal head alignment and operation, pole & mastarm condition, Ped button operation, detection, and controller cabinet condition.  A more in depth Annual inspection verifies all systems operation (Detection, Preemption, Communications, Controller, and Conflict Monitor) as well as overall condition of the signal components.

Unsurpassed technical knowledge and experience.
IMSA Certified Journeyman Traffic Signal Technicians


W.L. Contractors, Inc. is here to assist you with all of your engineering needs.  Our work experience includes traffic signal timing & coordination, traffic signal designs, system communications and CCTV security systems.  We can provide turn-key solutions based on your specific needs with our certified staff.

The following services are available:

Signal Timing & Coordination Plans

Any experienced transportation manager will know that there is more to traffic management than just fixing timing plans.  Sometimes you just need something simple, while other times it can be far more complex.  From a single neighborhood traffic signal to a two-way major arterial, we can develop timing & coordination plans that maximize traffic flow.

But it’s not enough to just create a timing plan.  When are you going to run that plan or how many timing plans do you need at a particular location?  The single neighborhood traffic signal may in fact have light and predictable traffic flows throughout the day, while the two-way arterial may end up with varying traffic flows hour by hour.  The timing plans have to accommodate the flow of traffic and we can provide multi-tiered time of day plans that meet those specific needs.

Furthermore, you need a plan that is flexible and responsive to all conditions.  We can create complex traffic responsive plans that do multiple calculations and automatically implement the proper timing plan for those traffic signals that never seem to efficiently flow traffic.

System Communications

In order to have an effective transportation system, you're going to need the proper communications devices.  We can recommend, install, program, maintain, and operate the communication devices for your transportation system.  We are experienced with all of the major methods of communications including fiber optics, radio, microwave, cellular, and copper hard wire.  As communications evolve and improve, we strive to stay on top of the latest technology to assist you in the design of the communication style that best suits your needs.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Are you looking for the latest technology or wondering what’s next in traffic signals or ITS systems?  We can show you those answers. With a fully operational traffic operations center, our ITS experience is second to none.

From traffic signal systems, CCTV’s, VMS/DMS (variable Message Signs/Dynamic Message Signs), weather monitoring stations, volume and occupancy count stations, WIM (weigh in motion stations), and ATR (Automatic Traffic Recorders), we have the certified personnel to guarantee the quality of your installation and grant you a longer reach to those areas previously considered out of bounds.

Traffic Operations Center

Our Company has a fully operational traffic operations center (T.O.C) including CCTV and numerous traffic signal system servers.  With the use of signal systems software programs, along with the state adopted enterprise software for CCTV systems, we can prove our expertise in providing you with the support you need.  We can manage advanced communications across any platform and provide support for your traffic signals, viable message signs (DMS/VMS), CCTV systems, and entire traffic signal system.  We can also assist with incident management, so as to limit the effects of unexpected traffic conditions.